Exclusive order / Commissions

We cooperate with selected partners in various regions of Italy in order to be able to present you with a variety of suitable properties.

Unless otherwise stated, the brokerage commission is usually payable directly to the Italian partner office and 3% of the purchase price plus 22% VAT. (Italian VAT), if not otherwise mentioned in the exposé.

Exclusive order for buyers

It is well known that the Italian real estate market is somewhat unmanageable. Often a multiplicity of real estate portals must be looked through until the suitable object is found. Many Italian real estate agents advertise also only in Italian language and with little meaningful information.

In Italy, an exclusive contract between real estate agent and owner is also not common. Therefore, the same properties are often offered by different agents and at different prices.

The search for real estate in Italy is therefore a very time-consuming and difficult task over a long period of time.

This is how the wish of our customers for a single contact person came about. We offer to inspect and evaluate all properties in advance and to gather all necessary information. If desired, we also accompany you personally on your trip to Italy.

It is also interesting to know that in Italy many real estate agents welcome joint business. For time reasons alone, it makes little sense to commission several brokers with the same search request.

With a sole mandate you receive a personalized property search, everything from one source.

How does the exclusive contract work and what are the costs?

If you are interested, please contact us by telephone. We will gladly send you a contract form.

You pay a one-time service charge of 1000 €. If a sales contract is concluded, we will credit you this 1000 €. The duration of the sole contract is usually 1 year. You also pay only 2.5% broker’s commission plus 22% VAT instead of 3%.

Your advantages by an exclusive contract with Italy house purchase:

  • all offers in German with numerous photos and meaningful information
  • considerable time saving
  • only one contact person
  • dedicated broker through the exclusive contract
  • legal examination of all documents before purchase
  • personal support on site with us OR on site support with us (accompanied by an Italian partner)
  • result-oriented work, the suitable property is found quickly
  • Savings of 0,5 % plus 22 % VAT of the broker commission

Exclusive order for sellers

We are constantly looking for new properties, especially in Tuscany (region of Pisa and Grosseto), Liguria and the northern Italian lakes. We are happy to carry out a free property evaluation and give you valuable tips on how to best sell your property.

If you instruct us to sell your property, the usual brokerage commission is 3% of the purchase price plus VAT. If you place an exclusive order, the commission is reduced from 3% to 2.5% plus statutory VAT.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Italienische Geldmünzen