Tips for buying

Love for Italy

Italy is well-known for its varied landscape, its culinary specialties and the hospitality of its people. The country arouses the desire for a permanent existence, the beauty of the mountains, hills and valleys, the fantastic beaches, fauna and flora, historic towns and dreamy villages… This makes Italy particularly attractive for real estate ownership.

Our love for Italy is easy to understand: The hospitality and cordiality of the Italians, the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and the incredibly varied landscape create a unique atmosphere and a way of life that we would like to enjoy permanently.

Which property are you looking for?

Are you looking for a country house or farmhouse, a villa or an apartment in Italy? With a conscientious selection, it is a smart investment regardless of your budget!

We are happy to support you with our expertise and our partners in your search for the right property in the regions of Tuscany with Elba, Liguria and at the northern Italian lakes Lago Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Iseo.


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Purchase price

The purchase price depends mainly on the local conditions and demand. We would be happy to support and advise you on pricing.

There is a house to buy for every budget, be it in Tuscany, on Elba, in Liguria, on Lake Maggiore, Lake Como or Lake Iseo. Typical of Italian culture is the airy Mediterranean architecture, brightly whitewashed house facades, wooden beams and round arches connecting the rooms. Most properties have a balcony or even a roof terrace.
Of course, also undeveloped land can be purchased to build the dream house with the architect of your choice.

It is no secret that a property in Italy – be it a country house, a farm, a villa with pool or sea views – is a safe investment for the future. The Italian territory is composed of a total of 20 regions.

The mainland, the largest part, forms the boot, the others are spread over the islands, including such famous dreamy places as Elba, Sardinia and Sicily. The prices for a property vary greatly and depend on the location, local conditions and demand.


Tips for buying a property in Italy:

  1. The property prices in the individual regions can vary greatly, depending on the attractiveness of the location. It’s advisable to do extensive research into the price level of houses in the area of your choice. We are happy to help you > Contact
  2. Brokers licensed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce are subject to strict guidelines.
    You should give preference to these brokers. We work exclusively with these trustworthy agencies!
  3. Have the object checked by a surveyor. Whether the object is approved by building law will be clarified and also an examination of the buildings fabric will be made. Let us help you with this > Contact
  4. To reduce running costs, you should assess your property and, if necessary, also for the purpose of temporary rental.
  5. Tax tip: those who register their primary residence in Italy have clear advantages with the municipal real estate tax IMU.
  6. Payments should be made exclusively to the owner, with the exception of agency and brokerage commissions.
  7. In Italy, an effective and binding contract of sale or purchase obligation does not require notarization. Therefore, you should not give a binding written or even oral promise of purchase before all aspects have been clarified.
  8. You need to be aware that already the preliminary contract (contratto preliminare) is binding, the deposit (caparra confirmatoria) is to be paid immediately. Withdrawal from the contract without loss of the deposit is no longer possible.

The above information does not constitute legal advice. No liability can be accepted for its accuracy.